PECLAT + CHOW | Surprisingly Elegant

arquitetura brasileira contemporânea

The apartment designed by the architectural firm PECLAT + CHOW is located in Jardins de São Paulo’s luxurious neighborhood, is an excellent example of Brazilian modern architecture. A space free of artifice in which a rational use of the space and a careful selection of materials and colors give rhythm to the space.

PECLAT + CHOW has designed every last detail, from the handles and switches to the taps, highlighting their attention to detail. The same goes for the choice of materials, a reduced palette that reinforces the project’s unity. From the white brick and the terrazzo on the floor to the metal grid ceiling, everything flows, providing cohesion to the concept.

All this scenario serves as a background for an excellent combination of furniture, from modern Brazilian pieces and international icons like the magnificent Timor desk lamp [ Philips Louis] o restored works and others created by the architecture studio itself.

A timeless and serene home. Surprisingly elegant.

Photography: Luiza Maraschin


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