Frama | Alblanc Atelier


Frama, the multidisciplinary firm based in Copenhagen, has opened a Studio Store in Barcelona in collaboration with Alblanc Atelier, a floral design atelier. It is a family project. They believe in humble simplicity and work to reach an aesthetic and sensory essence. They care about nuances, contrasts, and simple matters. And this is evident both in the interior design and in their creations. As from the end of 2019, they also feature a careful selection of the Danish brand’s creations.

Frama’s concept focuses on natural materials and simple geometries in a constant quest to create pieces that pay homage to the basics. This passion for natural materials and the Mediterranean lifestyle creates the perfect symbiosis between the two brands. A tribute to the art of living simply.

If you go to Barcelona, don’t forget to visit them; meanwhile, you can follow them @alblancatelier & @framacph

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