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The degree in Interior Design is a very demanding one. Studio deadlines, group projects, exams, classes, trips take up most of the time, and reading is undoubtedly the most important among the most compromised activities. That is why if you are starting your degrees soon, this list of interior design books for students will save you tons of time!

We are sure that you will find almost all these books in your school’s library, but if you want to buy any of them, we have included an Amazon link. Not all of them are fun or visually appealing, but they are the ones we used the most while studying – and still today!

We hope our list of interior design books for students will be helpful to you! What books are on your list?

Best interior design books for students...and not only!

 1.Modern architecture Keneth Frampton

Kenneth Frampton’s Critical History of Modern Architecture has become an essential classic in the academic literature on the history of modern architecture. Although it has a radically fragmented structure, it offers a vision of historical continuity as a series of parallel lines that develop over many years; its manageable size and clear writing make it an excellent introductory book for students

 2.History of Interior Design. John Pile

This book is a classic reference to the history of interior design, from prehistory to the present day. Almost 500 pages full of illustrations. A bedside book for anyone interested in interior design from its historical perspective.

3.Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning – by DeChiara, Joseph; Panero, Julius; Zelnik,

The so-called “Silver Bible.” You will find from furniture dimensions to architectural carpentry details drawn from original designs and working drawings, showing different solutions to typical design problems.
A wide range of typical designs for residential spaces, offices, and details of bars, restaurants, and public bathrooms. There are also healthcare facilities, educational spaces, home offices, videoconferencing spaces, green design, project forms and schedules…and much more. Although it is beginning to be a little outdated, it is still a fundamental manual for the stude

 4.Interior design. Illustrated. Francis D. K. Ching

Perfect for interior design students. The book covers from the fundamentals that make up the interior space, to each of the elements that compose it.

 5.Interior construction and detailing. David Kent Ballast

This book comprehensively covers materials, finishes, construction assemblies, mechanical and electrical systems, building codes, and design standards. Students, but also architects and interior designers, will find this handbook a valuable resource. It is also an excellent reference for ARE and NCIDQ® exam preparation

6.Interior design materials and specifications. Lisa Godsey

Addressing the subject of material and commercial resources from an active designer perspective, the book explains the characteristics of each material along with information on specifications and project management. The exercises related to the selection, specification, and installation process will help you to better select materials, specify and practice project management tools associated with a real scenario.

7.Professional practice for interior designers. Christine M. Piotrowski.

A comprehensive business guide for interior designers that covers the interior design profession in a clear and well-organized manner. It will guide you through the principal traits of the business. The NCIDQ also recommends this book as preparation for their professional registration exam.

 8.Color, space, and style. Chris Grimley, Mimi Love.

A counterpoint to the classic interior design publications, full of photographs and illustrations. This title focuses on the more technical aspects of the discipline, writing, and execution of projects, color characteristics, properties of materials, construction systems.

9.Interior lighting. Malcolm Innes.

If in the previous title, we focused on technical aspects, this book concentrates exclusively on interior lighting. From very technical aspects of interior lighting to concrete examples of interior designers who show what needs to be illuminated and how to do it. A must

 10.The Kinfolk Home (Nathan Williams)

 Essential in the library of any interior designer and especially of a student. Unlike the books previously suggested, this is a book of beauty, without technicalities, but that will allow you to dream with the profession. Written by Nathan Williams, it takes a tour of 35 houses around the world, highlighting Slow Living or how interior design can reflect a simple lifestyle to focus on what matters.


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