Resistance bands benefits


Resistance bands have become one of the essential accessories when it comes to training, both at home [check our post about butt exercises at home to know more], at the gym, or even outdoors . Amongst the resistance bands benefits, we can highlight the fact that it is an inexpensive material, easy to transport and store. Resistance bands allow us to train all our large muscle groups adding extra resistance to the weight of our body.

This is the reason why resistance bands are my favorite accessory. But, do you know which ones you have to choose and how you can introduce them into your workout routine? 


  • Mini resistance bands: closed elastic bands made of rubber (although now they have started to be also marketed in fabric, being a little more expensive), in a small size. These mini-bands are often used for butt workouts through different exercises such as squats or glute bridge or to simply add resistance to leg exercises. Its price is very affordable: a set of five mini bands of different resistances can be found from 8.99 $ in Amazon.
  • Elastic resistance bands: these are the classic open elastic bands that we associate with some disciplines such as Pilates. The most important thing is that we look for ones that have a high quality, so they don’t break and that don’t stretch with use. They are longer and broader than mini bands, and you can find them on Amazon from 14.50$  the set of three bands of different resistances.
  • Elastic fabric bands: personally, in addition to the mini bands, this is the one I use when training at home. Made of soft fabric, very durable, can also be washed. All along the fabric has “handles” so that we can quickly grab it in different lengths to get a greater or lesser resistance. You can find it here for 23$.
  • Resistance bands with plastic handle: they are usually made of plastic, tubular and can be covered with fabric, in addition to having a handle on each end of the rubber. I find them uncomfortable when working with them, but they are another of the available options. You can find them here from 18,90$ a set of five bands.
  • CrossFit resistance bands: these are other favorites of mine for training both at the gym and home. They are closed rubber bands made of latex, with a circular shape and offer a much higher resistance than the aforementioned rubber bands can provide us. Their thickness depends on their resistance level, and they are ideal for working our strength. You can find them on Amazon for 42.99$ the set of four rubbers of different resistance.

And you? do you have a preferred resistance band?

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