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Tips To Stay At Home During A Quarantine | ABITARE

Tips to Stay at home during a quarantine


As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, self-isolation and quarantine are key strategies to stop the spread of the virus. Now that cases of coronavirus are increasing exponentially outside the Asian giant, more and more populations may have to join this extreme measure. The main stressors for people in isolation are not knowing how long the quarantine will last, frustration, boredom, and possible financial losses.

The concern about possible financial losses is not something we can solve while the quarantine lasts, although we can take advantage of it to review our expenses and see if we can reduce them (the gym you haven’t been to in a long time, subscriptions you don’t use…). Fortunately, it seems that states are preparing economic measures to support those most affected by this crisis.

However, when it comes to frustration and boredom, we can act. It can be beneficial to change the point of view and approach it positively. Use the opportunity to be in contact with our family in a different way, enjoy each other’s company, and make the most of it to resume activities for which we usually lack the time, such as reading, cooking, or studying. There are many online platforms to access courses [Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy ] and most public libraries have an online book lending service.

Another activity that can give us great satisfaction is to redecorate and tidy up the house for the spring. Numerous studies confirm the correlation between well-designed interiors and happiness.  In ‘The Architecture of Happiness’ (2006), philosopher Alain De Botton states: ‘One of the greatest (but often unmentioned) causes of  both happiness  and misery is the quality of our environment: the kind of walls, chairs, buildings, and streets we’re surrounded by.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Setting a goal to work out when you can’t leave the house is also essential. There are a lot of exercises that can be done at home with little or no equipment, from yoga to working with resistance bands… there are also a lot of free apps that can help you: Sworkit Lite, Nike Training Club, 30 daysfitnessappPush-ups Workout or 7 Minute Workout.

If you have to work remotely, some simple rules can help you not to lose your concentration and work as efficiently as in your workplace:

  1. Set strict schedules and habits. A fundamental issue is to establish a daily routine. In this sense, it is advisable to set the alarm clock in advance, take a shower and eat breakfast before starting. Just as if we had to leave the house.
  2. Keep in touch with your colleagues. Video conference, chat…stay connected!
  3. Separate your free time from your work obligations. You have to know how to separate the different parts of life.
  4. Do not check social media. When we work alone, and from home, the temptation to consult social media is greater. Avoid them.
  5. Count on the support of those who live with you. The family must contribute to respect the spaces and do not to disturb.  

 As you can see, there are a lot of things we can do while fulfilling our civic duty to be at home in this period of public health emergency, which concerns us all. #stayhome #stopthespread.

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