Wabi Sabi | Simple interiors


When we moved to NY, all our friends were surprised because of the primary requisite in our apartment search: no elevator. In NYC, no elevator meant, for us, that the building will be limited to six stories, so you get to know your neighbors! It was probably going to be a prewar building, with exposed brick, moldings, and wood floors. In our case, it also had a gorgeous skylight.

Of course, it was old, the floors were a little bit tilted, and imperfections were all around. We knew at some point well move back to Europe (it happened sooner than expected), and so we kept our home simple and minimal, using neural and earthy colors, and natural materials. We regularly shopped at flea markets, mostly for the pleasure of the scavenger hunt, acquiring a beautiful used table and kitchen wear that showed the passing of time. We have never been so at peace in our home. This feeling is what the Japanese call wabi-sabi.

We went down the Instagram rabbit hole and came back with the most inspiring wabi-sabi design pictures. Have a great weekend!

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