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foods to build up muscle

What are the best foods to help you build muscle

Have you tried different workouts and noticed improvements in strength but no increase in muscle mass? Before starting a workout plan, the most important thing is to be realistic and full of patience and constancy because there are no quick miracles. In today’s post we bring you the 10 best foods to build muscle.

Two things primarily stimulate muscle growth: a structured -and progressive- training plan and a high-protein diet.

What training is best to build muscle?

Muscle growth is linked to genetics: some people develop muscle mass much more easily than others. However, no matter your genetics, you can have a more muscular body if you organize your workouts this way:

– 2-3 strength training sessions per week if you’re a beginner (if you’re already experienced, you can train more often).

– It is enough to do 2 to 3 sets per exercise for beginners, while more advanced people will need to do 3-5 sets. The worst mistake you can make is attempting to gain muscle mass without a training plan!  Keep in mind that muscle growth requires consistency and a gradual increase in the intensity of the workouts.

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How much protein do you need to build muscle?

An optimal range of protein intake for an athlete trying to gain muscle is 1.5 to 1.8 grams per day per kilogram. If your goal is to maintain muscle mass, the range is 1.2 to 1.4 grams per kilogram daily. 

What are the best foods to build muscle?

foods to build up muscle


One avocado gives you approximately 1,000 milligrams of potassium.

– Include it to your salads or spread it on your breakfast toast to prepare your muscles early in the day. 

foods to build up muscle


This vegetable is a remarkable glutamine source, an essential amino acid to help build muscle. It also helps increase endurance and muscle tone, and has anti-stress properties. [Check the  10 best foods to reduce anxiety]

You can prepare it raw in a salad. If you add carrot, fresh cheese, and nuts, the result is a light first course with a lot of protein! 

foods to build up muscle


A valuable source of animal protein is found in milk and its derivatives -yogurts and cheeses-. Choose skimmed or low-fat versions to help build up muscle.

– If you drink them at night, besides helping recover your muscle, you will be promoting rest, due to its tryptophan content, which is an essential amino acid that helps control insomnia.

– Cottage cheese is also great for building  muscle and losing fat because it contains casein, a slowly digested protein

foods to build up muscle


Stand out for the large number of nutrients. Most of the proteins are found in the egg white, while the fats are concentrated in the yolk.

– You can prepare them in thousands of ways, be careful with the amount of oil or sauce! Eggs are oundbately on the best foods to build muscle.

foods to build up muscle


 There is 30 gr of protein in every 100 grams of chicken breast.

– Avoid cooking it battered. Ideally, you should grill the chicken breast and avoid sauces and mayonnaise unless low in fat.

foods to build muscle


Animal origin Ingredients are an excellent source of protein. However, some vegetables, especially legumes, also provide this nutrient to the body.

– It is essential to combine foods of vegetable origin that complement the list of amino acids needed. For example, an excellent mix is chickpeas or lentils with rice.

– Also, legumes provide you with a lot of magnesium, which can help reduce cramps.

– You also benefit from their fiber: some studies have shown that a low-fiber diet promotes muscle contractions.

foods to build muscle


It is one of the best muscle-building foods. Made up almost exclusively of protein, is quickly metabolized, and is a perfect ally for increasing muscle mass. Tuna has a higher content of high biological value proteins (23 grams per 100 grams) than meat.

– Once inside the body, its omega 3 promotes the production of proteins that improve the recovery of injured muscles and reduce injuries.

– Other bluefish, such as salmon or sardines, are also a good source of omega-3s.

– An excellent way to prepare tuna is to grill it with some garlic, a dash of lemon, and a handful of parsley.

foods to build muscle


Red meat is amongst the foods that provide most proteins, so its a key food to build muscle. The richest in this nutrient is horse meat, followed by beef, veal, and pork. However, it is best to eat chicken meat, which contains almost as much protein as horse meat and much less fat, making it a much healthier option. 

foods to build up muscle


Baked sweet potato is an excellent way to obtain potassium, which is essential for gaining muscle mass.

– It helps maintain the body’s water balance, nerve impulse, and muscle contraction.

– Also, just a small amount is enough to make you feel full, and its sweet taste will make you less inclined to desire unhealthy things.

foods to build up muscle


Besides being rich in carbohydrates, which are essential when doing any muscle training, it contains three fundamental nutrients for your muscles : Vitamin C, manganese, and Vitamin B-6.

Source USDA

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