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The coronavirus quarantine that is being imposed in many countries, forcing families to stay in their homes, is putting family life to the test. The combination of teleworking and children without school can be difficult. However, it can also be a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and improve our relationships. 

The hectic pace of everyday life has suddenly slowed down, and we must make the best of it. We have the opportunity to reconnect with our children and practice active listening. It’s time to make agreements, work on empathy and fears. Planning becomes essential to combine telework, children’s homework, and free time. Today we want to share 12 Tips to strengthen family bonds during the home quarantine with children and adolescents:

  1. Maintain usual schedules and routines.  Go to bed and get up at the same time, establish habits for chores and playtimes. Decide together the best schedule. When children and adolescents feel that they are being considered and are helping, it is easier for them to stick to the rules.
  2. Work on their autonomy. They can do many personal and household tasks. This will boost self-confidence and stimulate their ability to collaborate.
  3. Tidy up and redecorate together!
  4. Work out together. Dance, do yoga, use a table of exercises…
  5. Use virtual visits to museums (El PradoLouvreVatican, UffiziGuggenheim Museum British Museum, Van Gogh Museum,), watch films and documentaries. Consider their interests.
  6. Encourage creativity: painting, crafts, writing…You can use online platforms
  7. Retrieve old board and card games.
  8. Cook together! Consider using foods that help reduce anxiety.
  9. Relax & meditate. No better time to introduce them to these practices. You can use YouTube or an app.
  10. Read. Alone or together.
  11. Let them play. Free play in children is indispensable for self-control, planning, and creativity. Most of them are now beginning to know boredom, let them manage it.
  12. Last but not least…pick your battles. Lower expectations and adjust demands. This new situation requires that children and adolescents assimilate many changes very quickly. Make concession

We hope these 12 Tips can better help you to overcome this home quarantine with children and adolescents.

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