how to make any room look bigger

Bigger Room | Tips

Make any room look bigger with this tips. Start by using light colors (and cooler tones!), apply paint and wallpaper to trick the eye..


OOAK | Distinct Identity

If you are looking for house ideas, check out this post. A beachfront house with a brutalist touch. Patio House is located on a plot next to a cliff…


Black Kitchen | 2023

Black kitchens are a growing trend that has multiple advantages. Although white kitchens have been the first choice for a long time, black has come to stay.


Sophie Dries | Vibrant Mix

Looking for inspiration for a Parisian apartment? Designed by Sophie Dries, this apartment shows an elegant mix of Haussmanian features, contemporary art…


The Range | Australian Eco

Designed by Dominic Finlay-Jones from DFJ architects and Jakob Murphy from Forty-Four Constructions, The Range is the home of a family of six, and it’s a perfect example of a sustainable house design…


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