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Due to the coronavirus quarantine, millions of people are going to work from home. Our home shares the space with the studio, so we’ve have been working for years from home and learned a few tricks that can help you overcome this quarantine better. Today we want to share our selection of work from home [WFH] outfits.

Our main advice is no to fall into the trap of apathy. Even though choosing comfortable clothes is a must, try to look like the best version of yourself. Keeping schedules and routines is essential in this new situation. All of it will help  maintain a professional perception of ourselves, increases our productivity, and improves our mood.

If you want to have a better inside on how to face this quarantine, you can find a series of useful posts in the blog: simple workouts at home, managing kids & teens during the quarantine, healthy foods to reduce stress.

Take a look at our selection of work from home outfits! 


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